Live shows

In October, Chris is taking to the road for a solo tour of his new live score for the silent horror classic Nosferatu.

8/10Nosferatu with live scorenr. MARLBOROUGHAlton Arts
13/10 Nosferatu with live score CHESTER SOLD OUT Storyhouse
16/10Nosferatu with live scoreBEDFORDQuarry Theatre
17/10Nosferatu with live scoreSTRATFORD-upon-AVONPlayhouse
18/10Nosferatu with live scoreLONDONGreenwich Theatre
25/10Nosferatu with live scoreSTOURPORT-on-SEVERNCivic
6/11Nosferatu with live scoreMAIDENHEADNorden Farm

Christmas Tour 2020

1/12Midwinter RevelsSOUTHAMPTONHanger Farm
3/12Midwinter RevelsYORKNational Centre for Early Music
5/12Midwinter RevelsDONCASTERCast
9/12Midwinter RevelsCRANLEIGHArts Centre
11/12Midwinter RevelsWELLS-next-the-SEAMaltings
12/12Midwinter RevelsHAVERHILLArts Centre
16/12Midwinter RevelsBRIDPORTArts Centre
17/12Midwinter RevelsHAVANTThe Spring
18/12A Christmas Carol: In ConcertCOVENTRYAlbany Theatre
22/12Midwinter RevelsHALESWORTHThe Cut
23/12Midwinter RevelsWORCESTERSwan Theatre