UPDATE 8th January 2021

Happy New Year! And, rather less cheerily, Happy New Lockdown…

In the absence of any live in-person gigs until after Easter, we’re going to be moving back exclusively online for the next three months. Check out our online gigs here!

We’re also planning a new free 12-part video series called The Instrumentarium which will appear on our Facebook page in mid-February. You can see our two video series from 2020 – The Keep It Local Tour and and GreenMatthews’ 12 Days of Christmas – at our new video page.

In the meantime, if you’d like to help keep the good ship GreenMatthews afloat then please do either visit our shop or fling a couple of quid into our tip-jar

Take care, stay safe and we’ll see you somewhere in the ether.

Chris and Sophie x

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“Inexhaustible creative energy” FATEA Magazine

Chris Green and Sophie Matthews are modern-day balladeers, specialising in telling stories through song.

GreenMatthews are firm believers in the age-old power of narrative song to delight contemporary audiences. Taking their cue from ancient troubadour tradition, they are 21st-century wandering players – touring their self-created shows extensively throughout the UK and Europe. Although their music and tales are rooted in the past, the performance is entirely of the 21st century, immediate and accessible to modern audiences.


Born into a musical family in Coventry, Chris began playing guitar at the age of eight and piano from the age of nine, and plays most things with fretted strings or keys. Largely self-taught, he’s worked in a variety of musical genres including folk, theatre and early music. He’s a regular musician at Shakespeare’s Globe and was also one of the musicians on BBC’s Poldark, appearing in series 1 and 2. He also writes and composes, having adapted The Wind in the Willows (2017) for GreenMatthews as well as A Christmas Carol: In Concert (2018). He has also recently released his first solo album Switched-On Playford, which fuses 17th-century dance music with electronica, using a blend of early instruments, synths and loops. He’s currently working on a new live score for the 1922 silent film Nosferatu.



Sophie began playing flute at the age of ten but is now more well-known for her prowess on the English border bagpipes and has become one of the foremost players of the instrument in the UK. She also plays a variety of early woodwind instruments such as shawm, rauschpfeife and recorder. She’s also one of a handful of British players of the baroque musette, an 18th century French bagpipe similar to the Northumbrian smallpipes. Sophie is also recognised as a superb interpreter of narrative song with a clear, pure and unaffected soprano voice. When not touring with GreenMatthews, Sophie is an accredited lecturer for The Arts Society, lecturing primarily on Music in Art. Sophie also makes instruments (she made her own baroque oboe) and works with respected luthier Tony Millyard on his flutes. She’s previously worked with The Oxford Waits as well as the respected early music collective Piva. Sophie is self-taught on all of her instruments.